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Saab 900 turbo 1980: PRO-RS Front & Rear Steel Braided Brake Hose

Saab 900 turbo 1980: PRO-RS Front & Rear Steel Braided Brake Hose
» Product Information

PRO-RS Stainless steel-braided PTFE hose is manufactured by world's leading Aerospace hose manufacturer in the U.S. & Japan

  • Package Included Front & Rear Complete Brake Hose
  • Material: Stainless Steel Braided Hose
  • Estimated Life Span: 7 to 10 Years
  • Warranty: 2 Year
  • Official Website:
  • PRO-RS Hose is manufactured and assembled in accordance to Quality Management Systems, standards and procedures which is compliant to the ISO/TS 16949:2002 and ISO9001:2000 standards.
  • Same brake hose technology applied in F1/F3/Japan GT racing cars,
  • Virtually no skidding during emergency braking,
  • Reduced stopping distance,
  • Firmer & quicker responsive braking with excellent feel,
  • Made to individual car model specification to ensure installation as OEM brake hose,
  • Made to SAE J1401 Safety Standard
  • Eliminates original rubber brake hose sponginess
  • All PRO-RS Brake Hose Kit is now furnished with POLYOLEFIN Sleeves at the joint between hose and metal fittings.
  • This sleeves protects the joint from corrosion and reduce the hose flexing at the joint. This feature increases Reliability and Extend the life-time of PRO-RS Brake Hose Kit
  • Bracket for mounting PRO-RS Brake Hose to the shock absorbers is now a standard feature for all brake hose kit. No more cable-tie or ancient wire-tie to secure the brake hose to shock absorber bracket as used by other brands of performance brake hose kit.
  • PRO-RS fittings and brackets is as close as you can get to OEM installation.
  • Installation Fees:
    • Brake Hose: Rm80 (4 Hose), Rm120 (6 Hose)
    • Clutch Hose: Rm50 (1 Hose), Rm60 (2 Hose), Rm70 (3 Hose)
    • *Brake Oil is not included during installation

Customer's Comment




Car Model

Edmund Lim 7 Feb 2004 Better responds on the pedal feel, more grip

Satria GTi 1.8

Hasrin 7 Feb 2004 Firmer feel on pedal, no complaint

Wira 1.6

Lok 9 Feb 2004 Normal driving is ok, make big difference
in high speed

Accord SV4

Khairol 13 Feb 2004 Better than original, better response

Mit. Airtrek Turbo

Ong 14 Feb 2004 Very satisfied with the performance

Proton Saga 1.5

Vick 16 Feb 2004 Good pedal feel, can do late braking
during cornering

Corolla AE-111

Teoh 16 Feb 2004 Better braking respond when cruising
on highway

Honda Stream

Aizai 17 Feb 2004 Very happy, pedal feel is firm

Satria GTi 1.8

Jim 23 Feb 2004 More grip and excellent pedal respond

Putra 1.8

Phang 23 Feb 2004 Good respond and more firmer pedal feel (from Penang)


Brandon 26 Feb 2004 Running with new disc, feel more grip
and good respond

Punto Gt Turbo

Cheah 27 Feb 2004 Happy that Pro-RS is available for his car (Custom Made)

Volvo 240

Lim 1 Mar 2004 Better safety on highway.
Travels KL-Penang often

Citroen ZX 1.9 / BMW E39

David 6 Mar 2004 Feels more firm on the pedal and better braking responds

Proton Wira
1.8 DOHC

Yong 6 Mar 2004 I've fitted a set on my Fiat Coupe. This is my second set. Not much to comment, but extremely happy with the performance.

Fiat Coupe/ Perodua Kenari

Karl (Audi A4 Club) 6 Mar 2004 More and more of our members are investing in PRO-RS

Audi A4

J.J 6-Mar 2004 Performing to my expectation. Considering on installing RACE SPORT EQUIP brake disc. Wonder if the discs will make more difference

Mercedes Benz W124 300E

Billy 10 Mar 2004 Better brake respond, helps a lot
since I'm using 18" inch wheels

Perdana V6

Robin Lim 13 Mar 2004 PRO-RS enhanced my stopping power, especially during emergency

Mazda 323 Estate

Nicolas Chen 13 Mar 2004 Stopping ability felt much better

Proton Satria GTi 1.8

Izam 13 Mar 2004 Very good in terms of braking respond. Will install for my BMW as well.

Benz 190E

Lee 17 Mar 2004 Helps a lot on my braking, feels more firm

Proton Wira

Lai 20 Mar 2004 Feels more firm. Now I know my brake system is in top performance

Toyota Celica 1990

Alias 26 Mar 2004 Tip top performance. Feels even better after I changed to new brake pads

Peugeot 306

Kelvin 1 Apr 2004 Feels firm under heavy braking as my car is quite heavy

Volvo 850

Alan 3 Apr 2004 Need to check my master pump. At least
I know my hose is ok.

Honda Civic

Arthur 15 Apr 2004 Feels Good! At least there is performance hose for my old junk.

AE82 1.6

Edward 17 Apr 2004 I've removed my Taiwan cheating stainless braided hose and install Pro-RS. Now it really makes a big improvement in braking.

Honda CRV
1st Gen

Yap 26 Apr 2004 My braking much improved. Getting a pair of Race-Sport disc.

Proton Waja

Sharin 28 Apr 2004 Feels even better with my upgrade calipers. Less spongy

Honda Integra DA6 Vtec

28 May 2006 I do find PRO-RS brake lines have improved the responsiveness of my brakes. Its installed on my car for more than two years. Last year I turbo charged the car and I've also changed to bigger front rotors and calipers. PRO-RS are holding fine.

Italian Car

» RM630.00 RM530.00

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