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Sale! [Comfort Combo] PERODUA MYVI 2005 (4pcs) SAMURAI SHADES + (1set) Premium Arm Rest with USB Extention

[Comfort Combo] PERODUA MYVI 2005 (4pcs) SAMURAI SHADES + (1set) Premium Arm Rest with USB Extention

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ORIGINAL SAMURAI SHADES 100% Fully Magnetic 3 Second Plug and Play 98% UV Proof Car Sun Shades Made In Thailand

Best for GRAB Car / UBER Driver, Family Cars and Automobile Sales Man

Car interior still feel hot even installed tinted film? Glaring with the sun during 5 to 6pm back from work? Baby on board, wanted a custom sun shade to block the sun? Want to give the best service to your customer?

Have u been in a situation where your baby is a sleep and the sun is so glaring that made your baby uncomfortable and wake up easily?

Or you are a Uber/ grab car driver and u wish to provide the best service to your customer for a 5 star feedback by preventing glaring hot sun into your car?

To those that are working 9 to 6 everyday especially salesman, spending most of the time traveling on the road. Maximizing your air Cond, yet feeling hot in the car?

Introducing SAMURAI SHADE made in Thailand 100% magnetic sun shades special ready made for your car with fully plug and play that fits your car window. NO MORE glaring sun shine, NO MORE hot interior in your car !



  • Samurai Shades are magnetic car window shades developed by employing the latest 3D Laser scanning technology.
  • These perfectly fitted car window shades are of the highest quality and can be quickly fitted and removed.
  • Samurai Shades help keep your entire vehicle's interior temperatures down while protecting it from the sun's damaging effects.
  • Samurai Shades are custom design fit just for your vehicle window shape.
  • This Samurai Shades are magnetic car window shades developed by employing the latest 3D Laser scanning technology.
  • OEM material used to produce this Sun Shade (Polyester Mesh Fabric), you can trust in its quality that can protect you as OEM built in Sun Shade.
  • Samurai Shades is located parallel with door window glass without disturbing the window slide up or down. No need to take off when want to close/open window.



  • UBER / GRAB CAR DRIVER - Provide your customer with the best in car experience service for a 5 Star feedback
  • LOVING PARENTS - Provide the best driving experience for your baby and kids to avoid glaring and hot sun
  • CAR LOVERS - Protect your car interior from melt or fade with 98% UV proof sun shades
  • SALESMAN/ HARDCORE DRIVER - Protect your metal and emotion, when the weather is hot, you will feel dizzy. Samurai shade will make your day happy and comfortable. Productivity always comes from comfort
  • LADIES - Your skin is your asset, protect it from sun burn



  • 100% MAGNETIC - Super easy installation in 3 second, just attach Sun Shades to the window, the magnet inside steel frame will auto attached it to the door window, no drill required, even ladies and child can do it
  • ULTRA VOILET (UV) PROTECTION - Up to 98% of UV proof that block harmful UV radiation and glare from sunlight and will keep your skin healthy and avoid skin burn from UV Ray
  • WINDOW FRIENDLY - Window operations are not affected as Sun Shades are attached to window frames only. No disturbing when window glass slide up or down
  • MORE PRIVACY - Enhance the appearance of the car, be different then the other, more in car privacy and gives you a VIP feel
  • PREVENT DUST AND BUG - Samurai Shades act like a net shield, prevent road dust and bug entry
  • LOWERED THE TEMPRETURE - keep your vehicle's interior temperatures down while protecting it from the sun's damaging effects and feel cool and cold for comfortable ride
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY - Non Toxic, recycling material, able to last heat up to 180 Celsius that won’t hurt your health
  • TRANSPARENT VISION - Able to see through sunshade while driving in sunlight or night time for better driving safety



  • Q1. Are Samurai Shades legal?
  • A1. Yes they are, as written in The Star (Metro) on 27 September 2012.
  • Q2. What materials are Samurai Shades made of?
  • A2. Samurai Shades are made from high quality OEM materials (polyester mesh fabric). This OEM materials are thicker and more durable than a typical cheap generic Sun Shade. Handled well, it will last the lifetime of your vehicle.
  • Q3. Can I used the door window when Samurai Shades is installed?
  • A3. Yes, Samurai Shades are perfectly fine to be used with the windows down, ensuring that you still get some protection from the sun while having a breath of fresh air.
  • Q4. I already have an expensive tint installed, will Samurai Shades help?
  • A4. Yes, Samurai Shades will make your vehicle more comfortable by further reducing heat and blocking out glare from sunlight. The Samurai Shades are also certified to block out 98% of ultraviolet radiation as tested by TÜV Rheinland. If your vehicle is parked under the sun, Sun Shade will lower the temperature inside the vehicle slightly as well as allow your air conditioning to work more efficiently to cool the cabin quicker.
  • Q5. What is the warranty on Samurai Shades?
  • A5. While each Samurai Shades is meticulously checked to ensure that it is free of defect, we will provide warranty in the case that your Samurai Shades arrives with manufacturer defect.


Features and Benefit:

  • Brand: Samurai Shades
  • Ease of installation and removal
  • Installation of the product is very simple
  • The shade material creates a layer of protection that will block heat and radiation, allowing the car to cool quicker and STAY COOL
  • Samurai Shades have high strength magnets embedded in the shade frame to allow quick and easy attachment to the window frame of a vehicle
  • As the magnets are inbuilt within the shades, there is no need for use of clips* or any add-on for the shades to work, ensuring a fuss free installation process with no possibility of losing any clips* or add-on
  • The perforated shade material maintains visibility through the glass even in the dark
  • Coupled with a half-piece design for the front row seat shades, Samurai Shades ensure that the driver's able to views left/right side mirror when driving
  • Durability, Effectiveness and Safety
  • Made In Thailand
  • 1 year warranty magnetic attachment (wear and tear is not included on warranty)

MOST CARS Premium Quality Adjustable Black Leather With Red Stitch Arm Rest with USB Charger Extension & Cup Holder



Good News as today you get to travel and enjoy a comfortable ride as a responsible driver.

Mercedes Benz in the 90's have discovered the lifestyle integrating comfort and greater driving pleasure implementing extension armrest for the driver to rest their arm for long distance comfort.



Imagine after work and you caught in jam traveling home and your arm holding the steering that causes shoulder pain. How frustrated and irritating will that is?

And imagine if you could sit back and relax on a comfortable couch, your back leaning against the sofa and your arm resting on the armrest. How relax will that be?

And finally imagine if it is a very heavy jam, you would pull out your phone and ease your boring with social media and you found that battery is low, so do your passenger. And there is an armrest that 
have multiple USB ports to supply power to all passenger phone.

What would these passengers think about you? And what would you think about yourself as a responsible, high tech, loving and caring car owner?

Then I have great news for you..



Give me the next 3 minute of your time and I'll share how a hardcore salesman traveler that need to travel 8 hours a day visiting client after client and caught up so bad in the jam that is so frustrating and 
tiring and with a small installation of a Mercedes Benz design armrest that changes my pleasure of driving and makes me motivated to travel, even more, giving me great result in my sales as I get comfort in my 
ride before the next appointment without a tired face or frustrated feeling.

My name is Max, most people call me abang max

I am a car accessories seller for more than 12 years since 2006 and my vision is to transform car lovers lifestyle around the world for a pleasant driving experience and quality car lifestyle that helps men 
to be more in control of their life; women for a secure driving experience and more variety of Gift to their men.

That is why I created for advance car enthusiast with a click or swipe of your device and u are able to find lifestyle quality car accessories to spice up your boring life and allow your 2nd 
wife to shine as how you want it to be according to your blueprint in mind.

I started traveling door to door, shops to shops, meeting appointment after appointment in my Honda City back then 6 years ago.

It was a tiring and tough life where I get rejected again and again by clients and customer.

The only time I felt fulfilled and gracious is when I am alone, driving my ride, enjoying great music, and telling my self that the answer and result are always at the next door.

One day, I went to Mercedes Benz showroom and I sat in an E-class. I notice that the seat is so comfortable and my arm is on the armrest at a proper height where my shoulder does not feel pressured. The armrest 
is so spacious where I can keep my extra coin, smart tag, touch and go card, house key and my sunglasses.

It also comes with a USB port where I can charge my smartphone, it is so convenient and giving me joy and pleasure to buy that car.

A thought came in my mind and I am eager to make this armrest available for most cars that do not have such privilege.

So I went and search for the best armrest and is premium in quality where it won't get broke. The armrest can be extendable to fit all size of an arm for greater comfort and pleasure.

It must come with many USB Ports that can allow all passenger in the ride to charge their phones

And the leather must be soft and comfortable for a pleasure drive

And this is where I found the perfect armrest that comes with customer height and easy installation plug and plays mounting for specific cars in order that each car is exclusive like Mercedes Benz



  • Would you like to have more comfort drive especially during a traffic jam?
  • Would it be good if there are extra space to store your frequently used tools eg: coins, smart tag, keys, and sunglasses?
  • Would it be great if you have an extra USB charging port to serve for phones?
  • Would it be great if the armrest is easy to install, plug and play and fit for your ride?
  • Would it be great if the armrest can be adjustable to fit your whole arm for greater comfort?
  • Would it be great if you are getting a premium quality armrest that can last for a long time?



Introducing All New M-SPORT Premium Quality Adjustable Black Leather With Red Stitch Arm Rest with USB Charger Extension & Cup Holder.

A whole new professional design armrest that meets your every need and gives you greater comfort

  • Extended Height Design - New technology elevated top cover that raises the height of the armrest for your arm to rest in full comfort
  • Double Layer Storage - Upper and lower storage spaces, that can classify the items, clean and tidy according to your preference
  • Extra USB Charging Slot - Front (3) slot and back (4) slot, a total of 7 USB slot. Sharing is caring, a caring owner shares his charger.
  • Does Not Affect The Handbrake - The panel is able to raise up, make the arm more comfort and it is safe without hindering the handbrake for a responsible driver that care about safety
  • Extra Large Storage - With the storage box, now you can store items in the car to make it tidier especially if you a particular of tidiness
  • Encircling Cup/ Drink Holder - New embracing cup holder, patented design and multi-part support the cup is more sturdy. Especially if you need a cup of coffee every morning.
  • Washable Ashtray - Rear part armrest come with a removable and washable ashtray, which can ease the smoke of the rear passengers.



  • Color Available: Black Leather with Red Stitch
  • Comfortable ArmRest to rest your hand while driving
  • Spacious ArmRest that can contain: Wallet, Tissue, Small Umbrella & Water bottle, Hand-phone, Keys, CD Case, Pen, Notepad, Name Card Holder and Any small accessories
  • Adjustable ArmRest for a longer extension
  • High-quality furnishing
  • Comes with 7 USB Extension Port for device charging
  • Reduces muscle discomfort and fatigue
  • Magnetic Cover Top For easy access during driving
  • Cup Drink Holder
  • Easy installation, requires no specialist, D.I.Y Product
  • Quality Leather Top ArmRest
  • Body Material: ABS
  • An upgrade accessory that makes your car more luxury
  • Installation Screw Included for a firm fit
  • Sporty Look
  • Easy to install
  • Weight: 3 - 5Kg (Including Box, Accessories and Volume Matrix)



  • We provide 1 Year Warranty
  • Warranty Card Included (Online Registration)
  • Warranty Include: Leather defect, extension defect, USB defect, and stitching defect



  • Free USB to USB Cable worth RM20
  • Extra Bonus and Cash/ Gift Certificates
  • First 20 Customer gets Limited Edition Mysterious Gift



  • *Note: To complete this action, need to have USB to USB head cable (about 0.5m)
  • [STEP 1] One USB head connects to the armrest port.
  • [STEP 2] The other USB head connects to the cigarette lighter port or original car USB port.



  • [STEP 1] Clean up installation area
  • [STEP 2] Place the armrest base on the center cup holder
  • [STEP 3] Place the armrest slider rail on top
  • [STEP 4] Slide in armrest console box to the slider rail
  • [STEP 5] Installation completed


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[Comfort Combo] PERODUA MYVI 2005 (4pcs) SAMURAI SHADES + (1set) Premium Arm Rest with USB Extention

[Comfort Combo] PERODUA MYVI 2005 (4pcs) SAMURAI SHADES + (1set) Premium Arm Rest with USB Extention

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